Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission

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Future impact of serious and organised crime on Australian society

The economic cost of countering current and future organised crime is difficult to quantify. This is due to the fact that organised crime groups pursue a diffuse and shifting range of activities. The committee found that organised crime imposes vast costs on all sectors of...

Inquiry into the manufacture, importation and use of amphetamines and other synthetic drugs (AOSD) in Australia

This report provides an overview of the production and consumption of AOSD in Australia and discusses the extent to which organised crime is involved in manufacture and distribution. It examines the National Drug Strategy, reviews its main aims and effectiveness, and provides a brief overview...

Supplementary report to the inquiry into the trafficking of women for sexual servitude

In June 2003, the committee decided to conduct an inquiry into trafficking of women for sexual servitude, with the committee tabling its report in June 2004. During the course of that inquiry the government introduced a National Action Plan to combat the trade, which included...