Commissioner for Children and Young People (Tas)

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Listen: this is my voice - young people’s experiences of the youth justice system

This report is the first output of a project providing young people, with recent lived experience of the Tasmanian youth justice system, an opportunity to share their views on how this system works and to have those views listened to and taken seriously by the...

Monitoring report no. 2: key data on Tasmania’s out-of-home care system, 2020-2022

This report describes some of the key characteristics of the Tasmanian out-of-home care system, and provides data about the experiences of children and young people in care for 2020-2022.

Monitoring report no. 1: the Tasmanian out-of-home care system and “Being Healthy” out-of-home care monitoring program 2018-19

This report explores what Tasmania's out-of-home care system looks like, who is in it, how it is being reformed, and how it can be strengthened.

The health and wellbeing of Tasmania’s children and young people report 2018

There are a myriad of factors that can impact on the health and wellbeing of children and young people. Access to information on how Tasmania’s children and young people are faring at a population level can assist us to better plan and deliver policy and...

Health and wellbeing of Tasmania’s children, young people and their families report

This document includes Parts 1, 2 and 3, which expands the latest version of the report to include families and parents, and supports and services for vulnerable children.