Family and Community Development Committee (Vic)


Inquiry into perinatal services: final report

The Perinatal Services Inquiry engaged in the significant task of examining the quality and safety of perinatal services in Victoria, including services dealing with high risk and premature births, and the quality and safety of current methods to reduce infant and maternal mortality.

Inquiry into social inclusion and Victorians with disability

As people with disability continue to experience exclusion from social, economic and cultural life in Victoria, this report recommends ways forward. Chair's foreword Circumstances for people with disability in Victoria have markedly improved with shifts away from past approaches that were characterised by segregation and...

Betrayal of trust: inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and other non-government organisations

This Victorian parliamentary inquiry examined responses to criminal child abuse by all non-government organisations that interact directly with children.

Inquiry into opportunities for participation of Victorian seniors

The vitality of the Victorian community and its economy is significantly linked with the extent to which older people's participation can be fostered and encouraged. During this Inquiry, the Committee identified that there are individual, community and economic benefits of the diverse participation by people...

Inquiry into the adequacy and future directions of public housing in Victoria

In a context of tight housing affordability, increasing numbers of Victorians are turning to public housing to meet their housing needs. In Victorian social housing, public housing continues to provide the largest number of long-term tenancies for people in housing need. And it is apparent...