Off the rails: AusAID and the troubled Cambodian Railways Project

Since 2009, the Australian Government, through AusAID, and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have been funding a project in Cambodia to rehabilitate and privatise the railway system. The project is pitched as an economic driver for Cambodia in which the poor will, in some unarticulated...

The limits of RAMSI

After five years, much uncertainty remains in the Solomon Islands over the future of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands - RAMSI. As a security force it still enjoys broad support, but there are serious local objections to its role and its semi-permanent nature...

Determining their national interest: Australia's economic intervention in Iraq

Australia's involvement in the war on Iraq is one of the most controversial issues in the recent history of Australia foreign policy. This report documents Australian interference in the Iraqi economy and it's political institutions, interference that has advantaged Australian commercial interests to the detriment...

Attitudes to aid: attitudes of the community and parliamentarians to Australian aid

Australian politicians are out of step when it comes to community concerns about aid. Aid/Watch's survey of Federal Parliamentarians and community members on their knowledge and opinions on Australian aid, has found a pronounced polarity between politician's preferences for benefiting the national interest and public...

Fighting poverty or fantasy figures: the reality of Australian aid

Flint Duxfield and Kate Wheen take a microscope to Australia's aid budget and reveal that upwards of a billion dollars in Australia's aid fails to contribute to meaningful poverty reduction in aid recipient countries. Widespread structural flaws in Australia's aid program reveal serious problems in...