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Discrimination: the good, the bad, the ugly

This exhibition came about because we all have a story about discrimination, and we wanted you to tell us yours in creative form. We have a very diverse range of works in the exhibition, including videos, a radio play, songs, paintings and more. Everything has...

Art works: arts employment for people with disability

This report captures the results from national research into employment levels, barriers and strategies around employment in the arts for people with disability.
Literature review

Art in prisons: a literature review of the philosophies and impacts of visual arts programs for correctional populations

This review was commissioned by Arts Access Australia to examine evidence for the value of visual arts programs in Australian prisons and their impact on adult inmates. It considers current philosophies behind art programs, how they are implemented and how ‘success’ is measured, and includes...
Literature review

Literature review for an arts and disability action strategy for New South Wales

This document provides context for the Arts and Disability Action Strategy being developed by Arts Access to identify gaps in services and any barriers to cultural and creative skills development.