Alcohol and Drug Foundation


Minimising the harm of illicit drug use among young adults

Young adults (18-25 years) are the age-group most likely to use illicit drugs in Australia. But who’s most at risk? This research examines the evidence to identify the high-risk subgroups and behaviours most likely to benefit from harm reduction efforts, as well as the types...

The art of community alcohol management: what local government can do to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harm

This guide has been developed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) and VicHealth to explore what Victorian local governments can do to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harm, creating safer and healthier communities in their municipalities.

Creating partnerships

In collaboration with Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW, the ADF has developed this resource to be used by Community Drug Action Teams and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations to build connections, work together and support each other to prevent and minimize harm...