Center for International Media Assistance


Chilling legislation: tracking the impact of 'fake news' laws on press freedom internationally

The spread of misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information (MDM) online has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. The authors of this report argue that freedom of the press is essential to democratic institutions - such as a free and open debate and...

Investing in facts: how the business community can support a healthy infosphere

This research into support for independent journalism reveals several key insights about private sector engagement in the information space, and the norms and incentives that constrain wider participation of the business community in supporting high-quality journalism.

Making big tech pay for the news they use

Efforts to rebalance the relationships between journalism and 'big tech' are focused primarily within three distinct, yet at times overlapping, policy areas: digital taxation, competition policy and intellectual property. This report analyses the evidence and justification for these various policies and examines the implications for...

Telling it straight: how trustworthy government information promotes better media

This report argues that much of the millions of dollars in international aid that the U.S. government spends annually to build the capacities of journalists around the world can be wasted unless the capacities of government officials to communicate openly are also improved.

Measuring the audience: why it matters to independent news media and how it can contribute to media development

This report examines the benefits and challenges of measuring audiences for news media and media developers.