Central Land Council


APO NT Submission to the Inquiry into the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Ensuring Fair Representation of the Northern Territory) Bill 2020

In this submission, Aboriginal Peak Organisations Northern Territory (APO NT) expresses their concern that the Northern Territory needs to be further included in government relations such as voter engagement, more accurate census data, and a significant presence in the House of Representatives.

Strong voices, stronger communities

This plan lays out practical ways to execute the strategy detailed in Strong Voices, Stronger Communities: First Nations Media Employment and Skills Development Strategy, April 2019 (ESD). The aim of the plan is to double the employment of First Nations people in the sector within...
Briefing paper

CLC Rangers: the benefits of ranger work

Aboriginal rangers, their communities and the CLC believe the benefits of their work extends far beyond the obvious environmental outcomes. Ranger employment also creates significant social, cultural and economic benefits.

The Barunga Agreement

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) represents the first significant step in advancing a Treaty in the Northern Territory since the call for a national Treaty in the historic Barunga Statement by the Northern and Central Land Councils.