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Policy report

Closing the gender pay gap

This policy brief sets a challenge to accelerate progress in closing the gender pay gap through aspirational and comprehensive policy.
Policy report

Protecting the future: federal leadership for Australia’s environment

This report calls for Australia to recommit to protection of the environment. Australia needs to reinvigorate its political commitment to protecting our natural heritage by creating powerful instruments that are fit for purpose in addressing the serious challenges presented this century.

Inequality: the facts and the future

This report argues that Australia is well placed to resist the economic and political pressures which can make us more unequal over time. If we do this, our economy will grow strongly and middle Australia will see the benefits. The alternative – to go down...

Immigration and the regions: taking regional Australia seriously

Right now regional Australia is at a crossroads. The globalisation process has brought a new focus on the exciting potential of many of Australia’s regions. This report suggests that a reformed migration policy could play an important role in meeting this goal.