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Indo-Pacific offshore oil and gas safety and security: managing regional risks

Key Points: Indo-Pacific offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation activity is expanding massively in economically and strategically important, environmentally sensitive areas. The risks of offshore oil and gas safety and security incidents that could have regional economic, environmental, human, food, and energy consequences are...
Briefing paper

Indo-Pacific as a strategic space

Key Points: When examining security issues in the Indian Ocean region, we need to embrace a “New Indo-Pacific” concept — that is, a view of the region as including China, rather than merely the Indian Ocean and its littoral states. The Indian Ocean Rim Association...

The micro geopolitics of conflict: India and China in context

Prof Sanjay Chaturvedi – Department of political science at Punjab University and Associate of the Indo Pacific Governance research centre- discusses his perspective on the common problem and new fault lines of conflict in both India and China. Drawing on his fellowship at the China-...
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Climate change policy, conflict and transformative governance

Climate change is the behemoth of our age. It defies description, is too large to comprehend, and what we do understand about it is often terrifying. This is for many, a good reason to stop thinking about it or, like Scarlett O’Hara, decide to “think...
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Reinventing the public mission of the research university in the Asian century: a gateway approach

The recently released White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century reflected a consensus that higher education is at the cutting edge of our Asian engagement. To this end the White Paper prescribes an important role for public universities in the unfolding Asian Century. It...