King's College London


Sustainability for sceptics

Sustainability for Sceptics took place at King’s College London on February 6th, 2020. The aim was to bridge the gap between business and academia. This report details the output of the Panel discussion, the remarks from the Chairs of the working sessions and the output...

Legal readiness for climate finance: private sector opportunities

This report summarises the agenda and findings of the Legal Readiness for Climate Finance: Private Sector Opportunities round-table. It provides groundwork for collaboration and knowledge exchange between delegates and other stakeholders about effective and innovative law and regulation to enable sustainable finance in-country and between...

Tech giants and civic power

Martin Moore, Senior Research Fellow at King's College London, examines the new and growing phenomenon of global tech giants, their increasing civic power, and what this means for democracies. The study aims to open debate about the role of the tech giants – notably Google...

The nature, scale and beneficiaries of research impact

This report captures an initial analysis of 6,679 impact case studies that were submitted to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. The case studies outline changes and benefits to the economy, society, culture, policy, health, the environment and quality of life — both within the UK...

Measuring the impact of digital resources: the balanced value impact model

The Balanced Value Impact Model (BVI Model) draws evidence from a wide range of sources to provide a compelling account of the means of measuring the impact of digital resources and using evidence to advocate how change benefits people. The aim is to provide key...