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How advertising fuels fake news

In this second post in our blog series on 'fake news', Damian Tambini illustrates the underlying structures of the online advertising industry that make fake news lucrative.
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How has media policy responded to fake news?

This is the first post in our blog series on 'fake news'. In this series of posts, we provide an overview of the issue of fake news and what can be done about it.
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We need European regulation of Facebook and Google

With Facebook coming under significant scrutiny for its perceived role in the US election as a conduit for fake news and hate speech, Leighton Andrews argues that the social network and its fellow tech giant Google should be regulated at an EU level as dominant...
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Public service broadcasting: when the status quo won’t do

This blog post discusses some of the key challenges facing public broadcasting in the UK and across Europe.
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Press regulation post Leveson – where are we now?

The Press Regulation Panel has this week recognised Impress as a post-Leveson Inquiry independent regulator of the UK press under the Royal Charter. This article explains the regulatory environment and the important implications stemming from the decision.