Nick Xenophon Team


Food labelling scandal

Current Australian labelling laws don't even allow consumers the opportunity to know the origins of the food they are purchasing and consuming. In fact, in many cases, these laws are less than useless -- they are downright misleading. I have campaigned relentlessly on this issue...

Online and sports betting

There's one first Australians shouldn't be proud of -- we're number 1 in the world with per capita gambling losses and problem gambling. Poker machines cause too much damage already. Online gambling -- including sports betting -- can dramatically increase the damage to the community.

Poker machines

The poker machines industry is an industry based on exploitation and greed. No matter how powerful and cashed up the pokies lobby is, the fact is most Australians want to see sensible practical reforms to curb the damage caused by pokies.

Selling the farm

Foreign investment clearly can play an important role in developing Australia's economy. But the issue is that the current foreign investment rules are too lax and too vague to protect the national interest. Australia needs to be aware of how much of our agricultural land...

Australia's grocery sector

There isn’t another country in the world where the supermarket industry is so concentrated. This level of market concentration is ultimately bad for competition and for consumers. Australia needs: A mandatory industry code of conduct that covers the entire supply chain, from supermarkets through to...