Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement

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Vaccine related fraud and security risks: final report

This inquiry was established to to identify and address any vulnerabilities that had or potentially could emerge, in relation to vaccine and vaccine related fraud and security, and provide the Australian public with confidence in the integrity of the COVID-19 vaccination program.

Vaccine related fraud and security risks: interim report

The dynamic nature of an international pandemic such as COVID-19 carries inherent security risks for governments, businesses and individuals. Due to such concerns regarding potential future fraudulent behaviour relating to the COVID-19 vaccination status of individuals, which cannot be properly predicted at this point, the...

Illicit tobacco

The illicit tobacco market has been a cause for growing concern for law enforcement agencies over the past decade, both in Australia and globally. This report presents and considers the problem, including how the illicit tobacco market and government responses to it have changed since...

Impact of new and emerging information and communication technology

This committee was tasked with investigating the impact of new and emerging ICT, with particular reference to Australian law enforcement agencies and cybercrime prevention.

Trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn: report

The illegal wildlife trade is having a devastating impact on natural environments globally. This global trade has resulted in elephant and rhino species experiencing a drastic decline in their population numbers, and in the case of the northern white rhino, a complete decimation of that...