Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement

Owning Institution:

Impact of new and emerging information and communication technology

This committee was tasked with investigating the impact of new and emerging ICT, with particular reference to Australian law enforcement agencies and cybercrime prevention.

Trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn: report

The illegal wildlife trade is having a devastating impact on natural environments globally. This global trade has resulted in elephant and rhino species experiencing a drastic decline in their population numbers, and in the case of the northern white rhino, a complete decimation of that...

Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (ice): final report

The purpose of report is to examine the treatment and harm reduction measures that are in place in Australia to assist crystal methamphetamine ('ice') users, their families and communities.

Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (ice): first report

This report's focus is on law enforcement, or supply reduction measures to address crystal methamphetamine (ice) use in Australia.

An inquiry into human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices: report

Examines the Australian government's policy response to human trafficking, looking specifically at law enforcement as well as the government's international engagement on the issue.