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Australia, Japan and India: a trilateral coalition in the Indo-Pacific?

In recent years, Australia, Japan and India have been active proponents of the Indo-Pacific regional concept. This report discusses how their shared outlooks, differences in national interests – particularly in the economic and security spheres – place limits on how far trilateral cooperation can advance.
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Can India decouple from China? Geopolitics and the bid for self-reliance

Concerns over India’s economic dependence on China have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and recent India-China border tensions. This has caused India to push towards a decoupling from China in critical sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and electronics.
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Political risks for the Australia-China agriculture trade

Deteriorating political relations between the Chinese and Australian governments have cast a shadow over the bilateral trade. This briefing argues that the Australian farm sector should diversify its trade by focusing market development on less risk-exposed markets in the Indo-Pacific. Vietnam, India and Indonesia (particularly...
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The Australia-India-Japan trilateral needs a post-COVID outlook

This briefing paper discusses the need to rebuild disrupted global supply chains, restore strained institutions of global governance, and uphold a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific in the post-COVID-19 order.

Australia’s exposure to regional economic disruption: investment

This paper discusses how the COVID-related recession will significantly dampen international capital flows in 2020.