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Australia’s exposure to regional economic disruption: investment

This paper discusses how the COVID-related recession will significantly dampen international capital flows in 2020.
Briefing paper

The Australia-India-Japan trilateral needs a post-COVID outlook

This briefing paper discusses the need to rebuild disrupted global supply chains, restore strained institutions of global governance, and uphold a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific in the post-COVID-19 order.

Will China’s ‘COVID-aid’ offensive reshape ASEAN’s Indo-Pacific outlook?

Southeast Asian governments – which are badly affected by the pandemic – have been the leading recipients of Chinese aid. It comes at a time when ASEAN is attempting to reappraise its position with respect to the US and China, given accelerating competition between the...
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India’s economic dependence on China and Indo-Pacific integration

This briefing paper discusses India's increasing economic dependence upon China, and how this dependence limits India’s ability to act as a ‘balancer’ against China.
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Towards a Quad-Plus arrangement?

This briefing paper is the first instalment from the Perth USAsia Centre's Fellows program and discusses some early signs of how international partnerships might be shaped by the COVID-19 crisis.