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RAND Corporation


Countering Chinese coercion: multilateral responses to PRC economic pressure campaigns

The authors of this paper propose that the United States should help establish a multilateral mechanism through informal consultations, an existing body, or the creation of a new entity consisting of willing partners, to monitor and respond to Chinese economic pressure that undermines the operations...

Machine learning in public policy: the perils and the promise of interpretability

Machine learning (ML) can have a significant impact on public policy by modelling complex relationships and augmenting human decision-making. In this report, the authors give an overview of ML and discuss the importance of its interpretability.

Intimate Partner Abuse Solution programs

Intimate Partner Abuse Solution (IPAS) programs were first developed in the 1970s as diversion programs to prevent jail overcrowding. Researchers brought together experts with diverse perspectives and experiences related to conducting, evaluating and collaborating with IPAS programs, to identify a set of prioritised recommendations that...

America's 5G era: balancing big data and privacy

Concurrently with the adoption of 5G technology, the number of automated sensors and devices connected to wireless networks will continue to grow in the next few years. Increasingly, these networks will inform artificial intelligence algorithms, which will then autonomously make decisions and take actions—with human...

Many hands in the cookie jar

This study, conducted from March to November 2021, examines prior examples of state-sponsored cyber espionage to see what forms of response the U.S. government considered, what actions it took, and whether those actions changed adversary behaviour or affected other actors’ behaviour.