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Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition

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SPARC landscape analysis and roadmap for action: 2021 update

This publication reviews the impact of the past year on the broader research and education markets, and on key individual firms within these markets.

A roadmap for action: academic community control of data infrastructure

The purpose of this document is to build on the 2019 SPARC Landscape Analysis by offering a roadmap of potential actions that stakeholders can use to chart both individual and collective responses. Recognising that solutions to these complex issues are not 'one size fits all,'...

SPARC landscape analysis

This report was commissioned in response to the growing trend of commercial acquisition of critical infrastructure in academic institutions. It is intended to provide a comprehensive look at the current players in this arena, their strategies and potential actions, and the implications of these on...

Income modes for Open Access: an overview of current practice

This guide describes income models capable of sustaining Open Access as typically defined; that is, as free and immediate online access to peer-reviewed journal literature.
Discussion paper

Publishing cooperatives: an alternative for society publishers

This SPARC discussion paper proposes a federation of discipline-specific publishing cooperatives as an alternative operating model for society publishers. Publishing cooperatives would be owned, capitalized, and controlled by nonprofit publishers as users, with publishers sharing risks and benefits proportional to their use of the cooperative.