Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs

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The practice of dowry and the incidence of dowry abuse in Australia

This Inquiry report makes 12 recommendations to government to address dowry abuse in Australia.

Review of the National Classification Scheme: achieving the right balance

This inquiry is the first major review of the National Classification Scheme since it was introduced over 15 years ago. The inquiry presented the committee with an opportunity to examine a range of important issues relating to the National Classification Scheme and to assess the...

The effectiveness of the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984 in eliminating discrimination and promoting gender equality

This report makes a series of recommendations for strengthening the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, supported by a majority of members of the committee. It includes a dissenting report by Liberal senators and additional comments by Senator Hanson-Young of the Australian Greens.

Unfinished business: Indigenous stolen wages

The terms of reference for this inquiry relate to 'Indigenous workers whose paid labour was controlled by Government'. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, governments put in place extensive controls over the employment, working conditions and wages of Indigenous workers. These controls permitted, both explicitly...

Administration and operation of the Migration Act 1958

This report begins by examining what is, in the committee’s view, a fundamental question in the administration of the Migration Act – the nature of the Minister’s responsibility for the actions and administrative ‘culture’ of their department. It then assess the migration process in roughly...