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Victorian Public Sector Commission

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The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) was established on 1 April 2014, replacing the State Services Authority.

VPSC is headed by a single Commissioner and has a range of legislated functions to achieve its objectives. These are to:

  • Strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and capability of the public sector in order to meet existing and emerging needs and deliver high quality services
  • Maintain, and advocate for, public sector professionalism and integrity.

VPSC helps strengthen public sector efficiency, effectiveness and capability by:

  • assessing, researching and providing advice and support on issues relevant to public sector administration, governance, service delivery and workforce management and development
  • collecting and reporting on whole of government data
  • conducting enquiries as directed under the Act by the Premier

It helps maintain public sector integrity by:

  • advocating for an apolitical and professional public sector
  • issuing and applying codes of conduct and standards
  • monitoring and reporting to public sector body Heads on compliance with the public sector values, codes of conduct and public sector employment principles and standards
  • reviewing employment related actions and making relevant recommendations
  • maintaining a register of lobbyists

The state of the public sector in Victoria 2018–2019

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The state of the public sector in Victoria 2017–2018

The annual State of the Public Sector in Victoria report provides a consolidated picture of the structure, composition and profile of the public sector.

The state of the public sector in Victoria 2016-2017

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