World Resources Institute

Working paper

Clean air action: applications of citizen science to identify and address air pollution emission sources

This paper aims to improve understanding of how citizen science initiatives improve understanding on the methodologies and outcomes of citizen science initiatives that are focused on sources of air pollution.
Working paper

Designing and communicating net-zero targets

This paper is a resource for countries that are considering, designing and communicating net-zero targets. It summarises how countries have designed net-zero targets to date, and discusses the pros and cons of different design choices.

Playbook for guiding diners toward plant-rich dishes in food service

This playbook details 23 behaviour change strategies to help food service companies support diners in choosing more sustainable, plant-rich dishes when shopping or dining out – action that’s important for meeting global emissions goals and achieving the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Working paper

Financial implications of parched power: insights from an analysis of Indian thermal power companies

This paper has global implications for investors in the thermal power sector. Although it focuses on a small subset of Indian thermal power companies, the analysis suggests that other thermal power companies in drought-prone areas, like Australia, could also have exposure to water-shortage risks.
Briefing paper

Putting a price on carbon: evaluating a carbon price and complementary policies for a 1.5° world

This issues brief seeks to understand the role that a carbon price can play in reaching the type of economic transformation necessary to achieve Paris Agreement goals, in order to maintain global warming well below 2°C and to pursue eforts to limit warming to 1.5°C.