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Fact sheet

Gender pay gap statistics 2013

This fact sheet has been compiled primarily from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) average weekly earnings data set, that calculates the average full-time weekly earnings before tax of men and women, excluding factors such as overtime and pay that is salary sacrificed. Where data...

Analysis of year 12 or certificate II attainment of Indigenous young people – stage 1

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) adopted a number of targets to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians. Among these targets was one directed to halving the gap for Indigenous students in Year 12 attainment or equivalent attainment rates by 2020. This section of the...

Island nation or global citizen? 2007

How is Australia faring in the global challenge to make poverty history? This report, the fourth in a series of flagship publications from World Vision Australia, examines Australia's place in the world in relation to one of the greatest moral challenges of our time -...

Papua New Guinean perspectives on a good life

James Cox has interviewed a cross-section of Papua New Guineans and others closely associated with the country. The respondents reflect on the challenges their country faces and discuss how they could be – and are being – resolved. More abstractly, they were asked to consider...

Does aid work?

How effective is overseas aid in reducing poverty? This discussion paper examines the evidence and finds that aid, while not a cure-all solution, has had remarkable success in helping to create better lives and opportunities for millions of people in developing countries. At the same...