Institute of Development Studies


Pathways to equitable food systems

Other authors
Nicholas Nisbett, Sophie Robinson
The report is aimed at policy-makers, international non-governmental organisations, social movements, grass-roots organisations, activists and think tanks, who are working to render food systems more equitable. The report proposes a focus on power imbalances and identifies ways in which marginalised social groups can be placed...

Pandemic preparedness for the real world

Other authors
Megan Schmidt-Sane, Melissa Leach, Peter Taylor, Santiago Ripoll, Shandana Khan Mohmand, Syed Abbas, Tabitha Hrynick
The cost of the COVID-19 pandemic remains unknown. Lives directly lost to the disease continue to mount, while related health, livelihood and wellbeing impacts are still being felt. This report presents a framework for a vision of pandemic preparedness for the real world – one...

Systems thinking and practice: a guide to concepts, principles and tools for FCDO and partners

This guide is a basic reference on systems thinking and practice tailored to the context and needs of the United Kingdom Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). The guide offers a common language and shared framing of systems thinking for FCDO and its partners.
Working paper

What is known about capacity and coordination of social assistance programmes in crisis situations?

This paper reviews the literature and documented evidence on capacity and coordination issues in crisis situations, where social protection and humanitarian assistance intersect. The paper finds that while there is a burgeoning literature that mentions capacity and coordination, very little of this focuses on crisis...

Pathways to impact in the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of research – while it has increased the demand for evidence to inform decision-making, it has further disrupted both the policy-influencing and engagement activities that would usually accompany such research. This report is based on an analysis of...