Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Case study

Linking participation and economic advancement: Buen Vivir Fund case study

The Buen Vivir Fund is based on the concept of buen vivir, or ‘right living’, which originates from Indigenous peoples in Latin America; the term denotes a way of living that is in balance with the natural world, community, and generations past, present, and future.

No time to waste: tackling the plastic pollution crisis before it’s too late

This report looks at the health impact of plastic pollution and rubbish on the world’s poorest people.

From simple fixes to systemic enablers: the future of digital development

This synthesis paper outlines key lessons from four recent IDS Evidence Reports on the state of digital development and draws out the implications for policymakers and practitioners working in development and humanitarian organisations.

Building safe spaces to support young women’s participation in local governance in Indonesia

This paper describes participatory action research carried out in partnership with eight grassroots Indonesian women’s NGOs.

Pathways to accountability from the margins: reflections on participatory video practice

This report explores how participatory video – an existing methodology for engaging marginalised people – can be adapted and strengthened to inclusively engage citizens and foster responses from decision-makers.