Breakthrough - National Centre for Climate Restoration

Discussion paper

The third degree: evidence and implications for Australia of existential climate-related security risk

This discussion paper provides provides detailed supporting evidence for the brief 3°C scenario. Some contentious aspects are explored, including the possibility that perhaps a billion people could be displaced by 3°C of warming, and that some regions may become too hot for human habitation for...
Policy report

Existential climate-related security risk: a scenario approach

This policy paper looks at the existential climate-related security risk through a scenario set thirty years into the future.

What lies beneath: the scientific understatement of climate risks

The bulk of climate research has tended to underplay the risk of lower-probability, higher impact events. However, if climate policymaking is to be soundly based, a reframing of scientific research within an existential risk-management framework is now urgently required.

Disaster alley: climate change conflict & risk

This report looks at climate change and conflict issues through the lens of sensible risk-management to draw new conclusions about the challenge we now face.