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Carbon Tracker Initiative

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Brown is the new green – Will South Korea’s commitment to coal power undermine its low carbon strategy?

This report presents the results of Carbon Tracker’s coal power analysis for South Korea to understand stranded asset risk and relative economic competitiveness.

Paying with fire: how oil and gas executives are rewarded for chasing growth and why shareholders could get burned

This report highlights the persistent practice of oil and gas executives being incentivised to chase growth for the sake of growth, and details why this isn’t in shareholders’ best interests. Despite the focus on “value over volume” of the last few years, the vast majority...

The political tipping point: why the politics of energy will follow the economics

New energy technologies are cheaper than fossil fuels for electricity and will soon be cheaper for transport. Engineers have increased the feasibility ceiling of renewables to far above the current penetration levels in most countries. Meanwhile, there is rising global concern about local pollution and...

2 degrees of separation: transition risk for oil and gas in a low carbon world

This study offers a sophisticated tool to investors to align their capital allocation decisions with the company’s exposure to climate risks.