Women's Legal Service Victoria


Responding to financial abuse: final report

This report spans the period from March 2016 to December 2019 and describes the work of the Economic Abuse Reference Group (the EARG), and its individual members, in influencing industry and government initiatives in the acknowledgement and response to economic abuse.
Discussion paper

Sexism and gender inequality in the Victorian legal and justice sector

This discussion paper outlines stories from almost 300 legal sector professionals which show that sexual harassment and disrespect towards women is pervasive, women’s career prospects are routinely stunted and victim-blaming is common.

Responding to financial abuse

This report describes developments over the past 20 years including recognition of economic abuse as a form of family violence and efforts to improve financial outcomes for family violence victim-survivors.

Small claims, large battles: achieving economic equality in the family law system

For women experiencing disadvantage, the risk of poverty, homelessness and ongoing financial insecurity is heightened by the lack of fast, affordable pathways to resolve family law property disputes. Many women are simply walking away from their entitlement to a fair division of property.

Stepping stones: legal barriers to economic equality after family violence

Women’s Legal Service Victoria has observed that there are legal and economic problems arising from family violence which result in serious financial hardship for women and, at present, there are no accessible legal remedies to these problems.