Australian Women Against Violence Alliance


Young women’s report 2022

This report's findings emphasise the prevalence of violence and abuse in young people’s lives, along with the inadequacy of institutional responses to violence against young women and non-binary people.
Discussion paper

Blueprint for reform

Women and their children have the right to be safe from all forms of violence in Australia, regardless of their visa status. This paper sets out some necessary reforms to help achieve safety for all women.

2019–2020 Federal Budget: budget measures to address violence against women and their children

This analysis considers how 2019–2020 federal budget measures, including $328 million for prevention measures and frontline services under the 'Our Investment in Women's Safety' package, contribute to addressing violence against women and their children.

Path to nowhere: women on temporary visas experiencing violence and their children

This report draws from data collected by an online survey which was developed for service providers to submit data on women with worked with or who sought assistance from them during the month of August 2018.
Discussion paper

Sexual violence: law reform and access to justice

Despite some advances, reforms to sexual assault law and policy have not translated into significant change and shortcomings of the system continue to undermine and restrict survivors/victims ability to access protection, redress and justice for these crimes.