Yohannes Kinfu


Spatial mobility among Indigenous Australians: patterns and determinants

Using recent census data, Yohannes Kinfu finds that compared to the general population, Indigenous Australians are highly mobile and largely engaged in short rather than long distance migration.
Discussion paper

The future of Indigenous work: forecasts of labour force status to 2011

The recent release of the final results for the 2001 Census presents an opportunity to assess the net change in employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians for the period covering the first two Howard administrations. Boyd Hunter, Yohannes Kinfu and John Taylor use demographic techniques to...
Discussion paper

Estimating the components of Indigenous population change, 1996-2001

Every five years, the national Census of Population and Housing provides a window on the demographic, social and economic characteristics of Australia's Indigenous population. In line with each census count of Indigenous Australians since 1971, when a question on self-identified Indigenous origins was introduced, the...