Megan Davies


Court outcomes for firearm offences in Australia

The term 'firearm offence' captures a broad spectrum of offending behaviour, from insecure storage of firearms to use in the commission of a violent crime, and hence a similarly broad spectrum of criminal conduct. The primary legislative framework for sentencing of firearm offences is based...

Fatal fires: fire-associated homicide in Australia, 1990-2005

The use of fire in homicide is a particularly heinous crime, involving burning of the victim before or after death. It is thought to be a relatively rare phenomenon and, as such, little is known about its nature and extent in Australia. Over a 16-year...

Homicide in Australia: 2005-06 national homicide monitoring program annual report

During 2005-06, there were 283 incidents of homicide, resulting in 301 victims, committed by 336 offenders. This is 34 more incidents than in 2004-05, an increase of 14 percent. There has been an increase in homicides committed by young males, but yearly fluctuations in homicide...