Sharon Bessell


Putting the pieces in place: children, communities and social capital in Australia

Provides insights into the aspects of Australian communities that support children and those that fail them. It examines the ways in which communities can be strengthened from the standpoint of children. The report documents how excessive use of alcohol, aggressive drivers and the threat of...

Communities matter: children's views on community in Australia - report for children

A group of researchers decided to ask children what they think about the communities they live in - what they think makes a strong and supportive community, for children and for adults. Executive summary In 2008, a group of researchers surveyed 108 children across six...

Adult attitudes towards children's participation in the Philippines

This paper explores the ideas about children's participation in decision-making held by government officials and non-government representatives engaged in promoting children's participation in the Philippines. It suggests that adults' ideas about children's participation are heterogeneous, diverse and complex. While adults' attitudes are often presented as...

Forming partnerships: the human rights of children in need of care and protection

The care and protection of children experiencing or considered to be at risk of abuse or neglect within their families is a major policy dilemma. Children in the care and protection system do not fare well on a range of indicators, when compared to the...