Joshua S. Gans


Return to work credits

The goal of parental leave policy is to facilitate a frictionless transition between work/career activities and home/parental activities. This report examines policy options for parental leave and evaluates them from an economics perspective.The goal of parental leave policy is to facilitate a frictionless transition between...

The practicalities of emissions trading

With both major parties proposing to develop an emissions trading regime, this paper discusses some important practical issues and trade-offs. In the past year, climate change has moved from political controversy to political consensus; at least, in relation for price-based policies the need to limit...
Discussion paper

Does the lunar cycle affect birth and deaths?

There is a commonplace notion that full moons affect natality and mortality. To test this theory, Joshua S. Gans and Andrew Leigh obtain daily births and deaths data from Australia, covering all 10,592 days from 1 January 1975 to 31 December 2003. They find that...

The millennium bub

How much do non-medical factors affect the timing of conceptions, births and deaths? To test this, Joshua S. Gans and Andrew Leigh estimate the effect of the millennium on conceptions, births and deaths. With a highly flexible empirical specification, they find large and significant increases...

Did the death of Australian inheritance taxes affect deaths?

In 1979, Australia abolished federal inheritance taxes. Using daily deaths data, Joshua S. Gans and Andrew Leigh show that approximately 50 deaths were shifted from the week before the abolition to the week after (amounting to over half of those who would have been eligible...