Kate Barnett


Review of OPAN elder abuse advocacy and prevention programs: final report

Evaluation of OPAN’s existing advocacy, education and information regarding elder abuse, informing planning for its future work on this issue, and whether or not a national approach is required, is occurring at a critical time.
Literature review

Exploring the teaching nursing home model: literature review to inform the national evaluation of the TRACS program

This Literature Review forms one component of the national evaluation of the TRACS Program which was commissioned in late 2012 by the then Department of Health and Ageing, now the Department of Social Services. The review builds on earlier work undertaken for the Department by...

Evaluation of the demonstration day respite pilot in residential aged care facilities initiative: report of client pathway analysis

A Client Pathway Survey was conducted by the Australian Institute of Social Research (AISR) for the Department of Health and Ageing as a supplement to AISR's comprehensive evaluation of the Demonstration Sites for Day Respite in Residential Aged Care Facilities (DDR) initiative.

Evaluation of the three community rehabilitation centres: final report

This report summarises the findings from the Evaluation of the three South Australian Community Rehabilitation Centres (CRCs) undertaken by the Australian Institute for Social Research in 2010-11.

Equity works - achieving the target of 2% Aboriginal employment in the South Australian public sector

Since 2003 there has been significant effort by the South Australian government to enhance Aboriginal peoples' employment outcomes in the public sector. Objective 6 of the South Australian Strategic Plan has an accompanying target to increase the employment of Aboriginal employees in the public sector...