Fiona David


Organised crime and trafficking in persons

It is frequently assumed that organised criminal groups are heavily implicated in trafficking in persons. However, this assumption remains relatively untested. As the response to trafficking in persons continues to grow both globally and nationally, increased information is available about the people involved in the...

Labour trafficking

Drawing on incidences of both reported and unreported crimes, this paper examines what is known about labour trafficking in Australia. In 2007, the Australian Government provided $26.3m over four years to extend and expand the government’s strategy to combat people trafficking, enabling the relevant agencies...

Trafficking of women for sexual purposes

As a new crime type, knowledge about trafficking in persons is still emerging. International and Australian initiatives encompass trafficking for sexual purposes, with issues surrounding transnational migration for work, exploitation and sexual violence, and supporting victims. Research on trafficking in persons is challenged by the...

Law enforcement responses to trafficking in persons: challenges and emerging good practice

In recent years, the Australian Government has committed significant resources to combating trafficking in persons. Within this larger anti-trafficking effort, the community sector, law enforcement, prosecutors, health professionals and members of the community all have an important role to play. As each sector comes to...