Chris Stevenson


The burden of disease and injury in Australia 2003

'The burden of disease and injury in Australia 2003' provides a comprehensive assessment of the health status of Australians. The report measures mortality, disability, impairment, illness and injury arising from 176 diseases, injuries and risk factors using a common metric, the disability-adjusted life year or...

Health system expenditure on disease and injury in Australia: 2000-01

This publication presents estimates of health expenditure on disease and injury in Australia in 2000-01, classified by disease or injury group, age and sex. The estimates are available by area of expenditure - hospitals, high-level residential aged care, medical services, other professional services, pharmaceuticals and...

BreastScreen Australia monitoring report 2000-2001

This report is the fifth annual report based on key program activity, performance and outcome indicators to monitor the achievements of the BreastScreen Australia Program. The report presents the most recent information on participation in breast screening, cancer detection, program sensitivity and recall to assessment...