Paul Dillon


Media reporting on illicit drugs in Australia: Trends and impacts on youth attitudes to illicit drug use

News media ought to be recognised as one of the factors that can affect attitudes towards and demand for illicit drugs and there is an opportunity to expand use of news media to shape youth attitudes to drugs. This research funded by the Commonwealth Department...

Cannabis: answers to your questions

Today, cannabis remains the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia, with around 11.3% of the population having used the drug in the previous 12 months. This 23 page summary review of the current research and clinical literature is based on the ANCD report Evidence-based...

Survey of Australians using cannabis for medical purposes

Australians who currently use cannabis medicinally do so illegally and without assurances of quality control. Analysing survey data from 128 participants Wendy Swift, Peter Gates and Paul Dillon found that cannabis was perceived to provide ‘great relief’ overall (86 per cent of respondents), and substantial...