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Kay Anderson


Sydney's Chinatown in the Asian Century

Sydney’s Chinatown is currently in transition. Asia-led globalisation in the past few decades has intensified flows of people, commodities and financial resources across the Asia-Pacific region, and this has brought significant challenges and opportunities to Chinatown. Given the major developments at the University of Technology...

After sprawl: post-suburban Sydney

How are we to conceptualise the spatial order of contemporary Sydney? What models can describe its emergent forms? The conventional land use, land value and population density schema of ‘zones’ hailing from the Chicago School of Urban Sociology in the 1940s, are increasingly irrelevant and...

'Not Just All Houses': homebuyer preferences and developer contributions in new release areas in Sydney

This study investigates homebuyer knowledge and preferences for facilities supplied through S.94 Development Contributions at three sites in suburban Sydney. In the context of debate about the use of the developer levy mechanism for funding community services, it is timely to explore the assumptions underlying...