Denise Thompson


Community attitudes to people with disability: scoping project

This paper is an initial step towards building an evidence base on Australian community attitudes to people with disability, on the impact of these attitudes on outcomes for people with disability and on effective policies for improving community attitudes towards them. In this context, ‘outcome’...

Measuring the impact of SAAP-funded homelessness services on client self-reliance

To what extent does receiving SAAP services facilitate positive changes in client self-reliance, and what forms does this improvement take for different groups of clients? This study provides a positive picture of the extent to which clients felt they had moved towards self-reliance after getting...
Conference paper

Social capital and its popularity

This short paper from the 2007 Australian Social Policy Conference looks at the extent of the spread of the notion of 'social capital', and investigates a number of the reasons given in the literature for its popularity. It concludes by suggesting that the question of...

Children in the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program

This report commissioned by the Department of Family and Community Services analyses the current data on children in SAAP, both those who accompany their families and those who are unaccompanied, and discuss policy development and possible further research.