Cathy Hales


Older Australians in hospital

The proportion of the population aged over 65 is projected to increase from 13% in 2004 to 20% by 2024. As hospital use increases with age (after the age of 50), this ageing of the Australian population can be expected to affect both the demand...

National evaluation of the Retirement Villages Care Pilot

The Retirement Villages Care Pilot has trialled the provision of flexible care packages into retirement villages in metropolitan, regional and rural locations across Australia. In this evaluation Cathy Hales, Lydia Ross and Claire Ryan found that RVCP packages deliver a more comprehensive range of services...

National evaluation of the Aged Care Innovative Pool Dementia Pilot

This report describes the range of new care choices for older Australians with dementia and their carers that emerged from the Innovative Pool Dementia Pilot and presents evidence that these new service offerings have helped clients to remain at home for as long as possible.

The future supply of informal care 2003 to 2013: alternative scenarios

This report looks at factors that may affect the future supply of informal care. These include Australia's ageing population, an increase in female labour force participation, and changed living arrangements.