Ann Hodgkinson

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What Drives Regional Export Performance? Comparing the Relative Significance of Market Determined and Internal Resource Factors

Previous analysis of networking activities among SME exporters in regional NSW, Australia indicates that they tended to be isolated entrepreneurs, who relied primarily on their internal innovation and marketing capacities rather than on local networks and clusters as suggested by regional development theory (Vaessen and...
Journal article

The Use of Location Quotients and Shift-share Analysis in Regional Development Planning

Discusses location quotients and shift-share analysis as the traditional and somewhat old-fashioned methods for regional development planning. The regional development strategies used in the Illawarra region of New South Wales (NSW), which lies on the coast south of Sydney, are highlighted.
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Regional exporters: successful models and a few areas of concern

This paper demonstrate the extent to which leading firms (exporters and innovators) exist outside the major metropolitan areas and analyses how these firms interact with their local economy.

Regional policy and practice (May 1993)

This issue focuses on regional policy in Western Australia: ranging from the development of an innovatory industrial estate and promotion of the remote North-West, to small business promotion and local government reorganisation.