Peter Chalk


Jemaah Islamiyah: an uncertain future

This report argues that the reappearance of JI has major relevance for Australia, given that Indonesia is a large and important strategic partner. Any threats to Jakarta’s internal stability must therefore occupy a central place in Canberra’s foreign, defence and security calculations.

National security in the Philippines under Duterte: Shooting from the hip or pragmatic partnerships beyond the noise?

This report examines the manner in which Duterte has gone about securing his internal objectives and assesses the effectiveness of those various approaches. It also looks at how he has sought to promote the Philippines as a ‘strategic partner nation of the international community’ to...

Tiptoeing around the nine-dash line: Southeast Asia after ASEAN

Even as ASEAN’s strategic pertinence steadily increases, the member states of the grouping face a dilemma over collective action that challenges not only perceptions of ASEAN’s efficacy but also the overall security of Southeast Asia.

The eagle has landed: the US rebalance to Southeast Asia

Overview Early in his administration, President Barack Obama announced the ‘Asia rebalance’, a US reorientation that became official policy in January 2012. This so-called ‘pivot’ explicitly recognises the need for America to re-embrace partner nations in Asia, leveraging their significant and growing capabilities to build...

Black flag rising: ISIL in Southeast Asia and Australia

Overview Although the prime focus of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been on establishing a state—a caliphate—in the Middle East, it has also sought to gain a presence beyond that area. Southeast Asia is one region that’s now receiving increased attention...