Harvey Whiteford

Technical report

The economic value of informal mental health caring in Australia

This report shows the economic value of informal care in Australia and it clearly validates the importance of carers.
Journal article

The rising tide of mental disorders in the Pacific region: forecasts of disease burden and service requirements from 2010 to 2050

Despite progress, poor performance of Pacific Island health systems continues to be highlighted by treatment gaps. Projecting burden of disease and the human resource requirements for mental health services will help appropriately plan for mental health in the region. We drew upon burden of disease...
Journal article

The trend in mental health-related mortality rates in Australia 1916-2004

This study determines the trend in mental health-related mortality (defined here as the aggregation of suicide and deaths coded as "mental/behavioural disorders"), and its relative numerical importance, and to argue that this has importance to policy-makers.

Prisons: mental health institutions of the 21st century?

Australian remand centres often contain more seriously mentally ill people than general hospital mental health inpatient units. However, it is unclear whether the apparent rise in prevalence of mental illness among prisoners reflects a genuine increase or an improvement in detection rates. Statistical modelling of...
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The National Mental Health Strategy and Geographical Access to Mental Health Services: Some Empirical Results

In 1992 the Australian Government adopted the National Mental Health Strategy in an attempt to improve the provision of mental health services. A component was to improve geographical access to hospital-based mental health services. This paper is concerned with determining if this objective has been...