Satish Chand


Building peace in Bougainville: measuring recovery post-conflict

Description: This discussion paper documents the socio-economic status of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and the extent of rebound in investment and access to services since the cessation of conflict there in 1997. Data on the level of income, the age profile of the population...
Discussion paper

Who receives Australian aid, and why?

Interest in answers to questions on who receives Australian aid and why are timely given the announcement by the government of its intentions to double the total Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget by 2015‐16. The Australian government has announced its intention to allocate 0.5 percent...

Improving access to land within settlements of Port Moresby

Improving access to land in the Pacific remains a difficult problem. This paper presents results from a field survey conducted in 12 randomly selected settlements in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, to investigate how settlers acquire land for housing. The analysis shows...

Corruption and anti-corruption

This brief is on the theme of corruption and anticorruption— a timely topic given the recent headlines over the AWB payments in Iraq. It provides three perspectives: a diagnosis of the causes and cures for corruption, an economic analysis of corruption and the links between...