Satish Chandra


Review of the Asia Development Assistance Facility – partnerships for sustainable development

This review of ADAF-PSD was commissioned by NZAID and undertaken by a consultant. Ten ADAF-PSD projects were analysed for this review, consisting of 4 completed projects in Cambodia and Vietnam, and 6 on-going projects in Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, China, Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Evaluation of the Tuvalu country strategy 2002 to 2007: final report

This evaluation of the NZAID-Tuvalu Country Strategy 2002-2007 (hereafter the Strategy) aims to assess the achievements as well as identify lessons and opportunities for the new country strategy. The audience for this evaluation is NZAID and MFAT, plus the key stakeholders in Tuvalu and New...

Evaluation of the Kiribati country strategy: summary report

By way of background, the objectives of NZAID’s Kiribati Country Strategy for 2002-2007 and 2006-2009 were to improve educational outcomes, improve public sector performance and to apply the cross-cutting themes of gender equity, environmental improvement and human rights. The second strategy also had human resource...