Alison Gray


Evaluation of the Community Initiatives Scheme (CIS), Cook Islands

A Community Initiatives Scheme (CIS) was foreshadowed in the NZODA Cook Islands Country Strategy 2001-2006, which recommended a new flexible, responsive mechanism for supporting civil society be introduced and managed by the New Zealand High Commission in Rarotonga. Its purpose was to provide support to...

Review of Trade Aid Importers Ltd

Since its founding in 1973, Trade Aid Importers Ltd (TAI) has imported handcraft and commodities from partners in Africa, Asia, South and Central America and the Pacific.

Rights to Information and Participatory Democracy Project in Nauru and Melanesia: project review report

This review of the pilot project is for accountability and learning purposes and to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of project activities. The specific objectives are to: (a) build knowledge and understanding of the project to date, including outcomes and impacts (b) assess whether the...

Evaluation of the NZAID/Tonga Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management courses

In 1997, the Government of Tonga (GOT) concluded that staff at senior levels in the Tonga civil service lacked appropriate management skills and competencies required for effective and efficient performance. GOT identified the Massey University Institute of Executive Development’s Diploma in Public Sector Management (Dip...

Tonga: In country training review

The New Zealand Government has provided assistance for an In-Country Training (ICT) programme since 1994. The programme aims to “assist the Tongan Government to provide quality, relevant and timely short-term training in Tonga that meets their priorities and NZAID policy guidelines. The programme is currently...