Mark Finn

Conference paper

Selling muth and metaphor: the iPad and techonological adoption

Perhaps more than any other technology company, Apple has managed to master technology diffusion, with the release of the iPad offering a good illustration of the success of the company's strategies. Within 60 days of the product's release, Apple had sold over 2 million devices...
Journal article

Gaming goes mobile: issues and implications

A recent report by the telecommunications research firm Analysys predicts that mobile games will replace ringtones, logos and other personalisation services as one of the key drivers of the mobile market. Despite the rapid growth of the mobile gaming market, there appears to have been...
Journal article

The handheld classroom: educational implications of mobile computing

Advances in handheld computing technology have meant that Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are no longer simply electronic replacements for paper diaries, with current models capable of performing a wide range of functions. Such increased functionality has seen the rapid adoption of handhelds in the corporate...