John Glover

Policy report

Better data for better decisions

This report is the work of a national collaboration of leading experts, researchers and practitioners working in health, education, transport, public health and policy. It outlines a national implementation strategy for an ongoing commitment to the Australian Health Survey.
Journal article

The socioeconomic gradient and chronic illness and associated risk factors in Australia: how far have we travelled?

As in other developed countries, chronic conditions in Australia are large contributors to illness, disability and premature mortality. They are estimated to contribute a significant proportion of the burden of disease and injury overall, and for particular population groups (Mathers et al. 2000; WHO 2015)...
Journal article

The geographic distribution of private health insurance in Australia in 2001

Private health insurance has been a major focus of Commonwealth government health policy for the last decade. Over this period, the Howard government introduced a number of policy changes which impacted on the take up of private health insurance. The most expensive of these was...

Central Northern Adelaide Health Service: a social health atlas

John Glover, Diana Hetzel, Lucinda Glover, Anthea Page and and Kristin Leahy provide a comprehensive collection of information for the Central Northern Adelaide Health Service and associated state-wide services, collated from a range of difference data sources, either managed locally or available from other agencies.