David Dunt


Review of mental health care in the ADF and transition through discharge

The establishment of the MHS by the ADF in 2002 was far-sighted. The Strategy compares favourably with mental health strategies in other Australian workplaces. It also compares well with what exists in military forces in other countries. Some of these military forces have mental health...
Journal article

Comparison of the uptake of health assessment items for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians: implications for policy

The introduction of Medical Benefits Scheme item numbers to reimburse health assessments (HAs) represented a major shift in support for access to health promotion and preventive care in primary care settings. HA items were introduced in 1999 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged...
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Strengthening Medicare: will increasing the bulk-billing rate and supply of general practitioners increase access to Medicare-funded general practitioner services and does rurality matter?

Recent increases in the bulk-billing rate have been taken as an indication that the federal government's Strengthening Medicare initiative, and particularly the bulk-billing incentives, are working. Given the enduring geographic differences in the supply of general practitioners, Susan E. Day, Katrina Alford, David Dunt, Stuart...