Athol Yates


More than good deeds: disaster risk management and Australian, Japanese and US Defence forces

This report argues that Asia–Pacific states need to allocate greater resources to risk reduction activities and increase the speed and effectiveness of relief efforts. Australia, Japan and the US are active in promoting disaster risk management as a key component of their Asia–Pacific relations and...

Here to help: Strengthening the Defence role in Australian disaster management

This report argues that it's time for Defence to more fully incorporate domestic disaster assistance tasks as part of its core business. Defence is likely to be used more frequently in the future to assist in domestic disaster management. There will be larger and more...

Hardening Australia: Climate change and national disaster resilience

This report warns that as a result of climate change, disasters are likely to become larger, more complex, occur simultaneously and in regions that have either not experienced the natural hazard previously or at the same intensity or frequency. The report recommends that emergency services...