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Briefing paper

No-deal Brexit: the implications for labour and social rights

This briefing examines the implications of a no-deal Brexit for labour and social rights in the UK and explores how the legal framework governing these rights may change after a no-deal.

Go west: Bristol and the post-Brexit immigration system

This paper fulfils IPPR’s educational objective by producing new research into the role of migrants in Bristol and the west of England’s labour market. The paper also helps to relieve poverty and unemployment by promoting recommendations for how both national and local level policymaking can...

Measuring the benefits of integration

This paper reviews the evidence on the integration of migrants into the UK labour market. It illustrates the potential benefits of utilising migrants’ untapped skills to the UK economy.

Regional funding after Brexit: opportunities for the UK's Shared Prosperity Fund

This briefing outlines three challenges facing the UK: regional inequality, centralisation of power and a lack of community voice. The new Shared Prosperity Fund, which will replace EU structural funding, could address these issues if it is designed appropriately.
Briefing paper

State aid rules and Brexit

Some proponents of leaving the EU have argued that, freed from the constraints of EU rules on state aid, the United Kingdom would have more flexibility to embark on an active industrial policy; opponents have countered that this overstates the stringency of the rules. This...