Indigenous people no longer have the legal right to say no to the Adani mine - here’s what it means for equality

Last week, the Queensland government extinguished native title over tracts of land in the Galilee Basin so the Adani coal mine could proceed.

Two past coup leaders face off in Fiji election as Australia sharpens its focus on Pacific

Fijians go to the polls this week in only the second general election since a 2006 coup in which the current prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, seized power.

Victoria’s treaty with Indigenous peoples must address vexed questions of sovereignty

As treaty negotiations begin in Victoria, each party will have to accept the other’s legitimacy; that their own power is not absolute and unconditional.

Conscience vote on euthanasia bill exposes democratic weakness of New Zealand’s voting system

New Zealand MPs will cast a conscience vote on a euthanasia bill. But with 49 out of 120 seats held by 'list' MPs, this raises issues about the democratic process under the country's electoral system.
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Australian higher education: regional universities under a coalition government

Projected student enrolment growth places the Australian higher education system on the precipice of significant change, leading to philosophical debates about how the system should respond. One suggested policy change is that resources be redirected from non-research intensive regional universities to other providers.