Jackie Bailey


Local council e-consultation guide 2007

e-Consultation is emerging as a valuable tool for councils to engage with their community. This guide is intended as a practical tool to help councils set up their own e-consultation strategies. Consultation is a dialogue amongst community and council. e-Consultation can enhance traditional face-to-face or...
Literature review

Meaningful measurement: a review of the literature about measuring artistic vibrancy

Meaningful Measurement is a summary of the key research in the area of measuring artistic vibrancy. It looks at: performance measurement in the arts proposed models of performance measurement in the arts the notion of “public value” and the arts the intrinsic impacts of the...
Discussion paper

Don't panic: The impact of digital technology on the major performing arts

The Australia Council's major performing arts board has produced a discussion paper on the impact of digital technology on the sector.There is no doubt that continuing advances in digital technology will affect the major performing arts (MPA) industry and force it to change its ways...